Classifications Of Processed Meat In Singapore

Processed meat is very popular among many households in Singapore. Processed products come in different categories consisting of several types of products all defined by having undergone one or more processing or preparation steps. The processing may include grinding, cooking or adding ingredient which changes the appearance, taste and texture. Some processed meat are classified as ready-to-cook while others are classified as ready-to-eat.

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There are many products that belong to the ready-to-cook category, such as those served during breakfast. One of the many reasons why a lot of people buy processed food is that it requires less time to prepare them. People who are working don’t need to spend lots of time just to prepare the food since the majority of the processed meat in Singapore can be fried or microwaved.

Below are the three major classifications of processed meat.

Cured Whole Muscle Cuts

Some of the products under this category are among the most favourite breakfast food. This is why processed meats suppliers in Singapore continue to grow in order to match the demand. Whole muscle like ham, pastrami, bacon and corned beef are regarded as processed meat products considering that they have been treated with a curing solution, smoked, dry-cured, or seasoned. Most of these products are more popular in their processed form rather than in their fresh cut shape.

Types of Cured Whole Muscle Cuts

  • Ham – Ham comes from the hind leg of pork that has been cured and smoked.
  • Bacon – Bacon is primarily produced from pork bellies.
  • Pastrami – This product is usually made from the brisket or top round muscle of beef.
  • Corned Beef – Corned beef is cured using water, salt, sugar, nitrite and spices.
  • Pork Shoulder – This product is often processed with the same tech­niques used to prepare ham from the pork leg.

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There are numerous varieties of sausages available in the market today. Some varieties undergo several processes while others undergo a few procedures. The meat used in sausages may come from pork, beef, veal, poultry, lamb or a combination of these sources. This is why you can find sausage made from chicken, which is popular among kids.

Some varieties of sausages are made from meat that is smoked, cooked, or cured before it is ground while others are formed or shaped first and then smoked, cooked, cured, or treated by a combination of any of these processes.

Types of Sausages

  • Fresh sausages – These types of sausages are not cured, cooked or smoked. Hence, they must be cooked like frying before serving.
  • Uncooked and smoked – These sausages are cured but not cooked meat. They are usually smoked after forming, and must be cooked before serving.
  • Cooked and Smoked – These sausages are ready-to-eat. However, some people prefer to heat certain type of these sausages before serving.
  • Cooked – Cooked sausages have been cured and cooked, so they are ready-to-eat.
  • Dry or semi-dry – These sausages usually do not require cooking before consuming.

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Restructured Meat

These types of processed products are commonly made from ground, flaked or sectioned pork or beef. They are commonly formed into steak, loaves or roasts. One good example of restructured meat is the smoked sliced beef ham. The restructuring process usually involves three steps, namely, modification in particle size, blending and reforming into the desired shape and size. This type of processed meat is usually cooked using the microwave.